America, don’t vote for Hillary!

What Trump’s critics are missing.

The sins of Donald Trump are obvious.

He seems to lack integrity, personal morality, and good character. (As Hillary noted, however, he has somehow managed to raise successful and balanced kids who have good families.)

But here’s the thing: You can be the nicest person in the world and be a rotten president. In fact, being ‘nice’ is often dangerous – you’re more likely to start wars to save the world thinking you’re doing good – thus unleashing all the demons and chaos of conflict.

Yes, Trump does seem to exclude himself from leadership by virtue of his sleaziness and basic indecency. This is not a surprise – very few casino owners are virtuous citizens.

But the problem is Hillary is likely to be worse.

Because it got buried by a well-timed Trump video leak from the media, nobody paid attention to the latest WikiLeaks trove of Clinton documents that were released this week.

In one speech she gave to Goldman Sachs for hundreds of thousands of dollars (remember, Goldman was one of the chief villains in the Recession), she admitted her plan for Syria would by necessity ‘kill a lot of Syrians’.

In fact, her plan’s base stupidity goes further – Clinton, as well as the Republican establishment, would like to enter the Syrian Civil War against both parties – Assad (and Russia) on one side, and ISIS and the radical revolutionaries on the other.

What could go wrong?

Trump on the other hand has spoken about working with Russia to target ISIS, saying the age of nation-building in the Middle East is over. And that is no easy thing to do – to fly in the face of the Washington and Wall Street consensus.

There is another serious issue I have with Clinton – her position on abortion.

Forget the politics of the debate. Every year the US aborts a million babies. That is grotesque – surely for anybody on either side of the abortion debate.

Not many people realise this but America has never had a substantive debate about abortion policy or passed any real legislation on the issue. In 1973, 7 unelected judges – opposed by 2 others – decided abortion should be available on demand at virtually any stage in pregnancy – thus beginning the destructive US Culture Wars.

The much hated conservative Supreme Court judges have argued ever since that the issue should rather be sent back to the people’s representatives in Congress. (What awful right wingers!)

Hillary has committed to maintaining the status quo and extending it. Trump has already released a list of judges he would consider nominating for the Supreme Court – all of whom believe the Supreme Court was wrong in 1973 to unilaterally decide such an important issue.

Clinton’s the radical on abortion, not Trump.

Clinton’s the radical on war, not Trump.

Clinton is the Wall Street candidate, not Trump. Only one candidate gets paid millions of dollars to smile and talk to Wall Street billionaires.

Look, Trump is obviously not a good person. But the President is not meant to be the father of the nation, a role model for kids. He is meant to execute policy.

Hitler was a vegetarian animal lover. JFK was a womanizing drug addict. Who would you rather have in power?

This latest video of Trump was terrible. But where was the outrage when Obama went fundraising with Jay-Z and Beyoncé?

I cannot even repeat some of the stuff they say in their songs – I assure you it rivals Trump’s rhetoric quite comfortably – about using people sexually and even violently.

And let’s not even get started about Bill Clinton’s treatment of women.

This is why so many people are still lining up to vote for Trump despite all of his massive personal failings – the system, as represented by the Clintons has got that bad.

One interesting story coming out of the swing states is the large amounts of Amish people arriving at his rallies, who have never been seen before getting involved in politics.

These Amish have no illusions about Trump’s faith – they just believe that with Trump the government might leave them alone to carry on with their own peculiar way of life – a way of life that is peaceful and harms nobody.

As I wrote earlier this week, the fact that Americans have to choose between these two is an indictment on the country. They’re in the gutter.

But please don’t think Hillary is some moral saviour.

If I were American I am not sure whether I could bring myself to vote for the orange one, but I definitely know I would never vote for Hillary out of some false sense of sentimental idealism.

Clinton represents the worst of the American, and global, elite. They’re the ones who have been starting wars and screwing working people all around the west.

It is their fault the people are desperate enough to consider giving somebody like Trump a go at the highest political office in the world, rather than an experienced politician like Hillary.

Trump is obviously terrifying – but what about the candidate who wants to drop bombs?